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The Difference Between Domain Hosting and Web Hosting

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names are the URL of your website. This is what people use to access your site. Also, your domain name is your address if your website were a house.  The Internet is essentially a huge network of computers linked together by cables. Each computer is assigned an IP Address to identify it.

An IP address is a combination number separated by dots. This is how IP addresses typically look:

These numbers are easy to remember and identify for computers. Humans can’t remember these numbers and connect to the internet using them.  Domain names can contain words, which makes it easier to remember website addresses.  You don’t have to enter a string of numbers to visit a website online. Instead, type in a simple domain name like ebsystemsltd.com.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is where your website’s files live. It’s like your website’s home. This is how it works: If the domain name were the address of your home, web hosting would be the actual address to that house.  Web hosting is required for all websites.

The IP address of your web host company is translated to your domain name when someone enters it in a browser.  This computer stores the files of your website and sends them back to users’ browsers. Hosting companies are experts in hosting websites. Their customers can choose from a variety of hosting plans.

What are the requirements to build a website? Do you need a domain name or web hosting?

You will need both a domain and a web hosting account to build a website. A domain name can only be purchased for a limited time (usually one-year). Web hosting is required to store files on your website. Once you have purchased hosting, you will need to modify your domain name settings and point it at your web hosting provider. It is possible to buy both hosting and domain names from the same company.

Are they required to be purchased together? Can I buy them individually?

Two companies can offer web hosting and domain names. In this case, you’ll need to point your domain to your web hosting company via its DNS settings. You won’t have to modify domain settings if your web hosting and domain name are purchased from the same company. It’s also easier to renew and manage both services from the same dashboard.

Can I move my domain name to another company?

Yes, you can. You can usually use the domain name you have registered and transfer it wherever you like. It is easy to do. You can follow the detailed instructions provided by both companies to transfer your domain name.

Can I move my website to another web hosting company without changing the domain?

Yes. The domain name is yours and you can modify its settings to point to any web hosting company. Simply transfer files and data to move your website from one host. Next, edit domain name settings to point to the new web hosting provider.