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The Importance of Updating Plugins And Themes On Your WordPress Site

Having a WordPress site is great and exciting, but it’s not all fun and games. If you take this project seriously, you will notice what a challenge it can be to get your site into a respectable ranking. And while you are thinking of tactics to get your site more visible, you want to remember about the variables that require constant updates.

Failing to monitor several back-end activities and even the theme can actually lead to getting penalized by search engines, which also means a lower ranking and much less traffic.

So, why stay updated with the plugins and theme on your WordPress site?

Plugins And Themes

After spending some time online, you’ll find that only one thing can be predicted for certain. And this is that things are going to change at some point, especially software. With so many devices and developments, it’s no surprise that software needs to stay up with the times.

The same rule applies to your theme and the plugins you use. If you install either right now, you can expect to see regular updates if the author of the plugin or theme is serious about providing something others might not be.

Now, WordPress will not install these updates automatically. Instead, you have to do this manually, although you will quickly be alerted when a new version of the software has been released. WordPress immediately notifies you once you log into your dashboard, and it will convey how important it is to follow up on this alert.

The Reasons For Staying Updated With Plugins And Themes

There are several reasons why an update could be very important. For instance, an outdated plugin or theme can slow down the speed of the site. This leads to frustrated visitors and a quickly increasing bounce rate.

You are also facing security risks, given that updates typically come with tweaks to better protect your site. Failing to update security leaves your site vulnerable to breaches.

Then consider the fact that you won’t be getting the same edge as other website owners who utilize the same plugin or theme, but stay updated with everything on a regular basis. There’s a reason why updates are released, and it’s only in your best interest to check on these at least once a month.

If you want your website to reach a high ranking and maintain it, you have to maintain the updates that keep your site moving forward.

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