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Website Creation Stages

website design companyMany web designers go through the creation process focusing mainly on technical details such as code optimization, wireframes, responsive web design, and content management. However, great web design stretches beyond the seamless integration of social media buttons or the creation of appealing layouts. Great design is also about aligning the look and feel of the website with the overall business and communication strategy.

The best websites offer more than an appealing layout. They take visitors through a well-thought sales funnel, thus helping them to perform a specific action or to gain a better understanding of the company, or of its products. An effective website is the result of sharp visuals, compelling calls-to-action, and branding elements working together towards a specific and measurable goal.

1. Goal identification: We work together with our clients to set the main goals of the website. What do they want people to do after they visit their website?

2. Scope definition: After we define the main goal of the website, we determine the elements required to achieve this goal, as well as a an activity plan and a timeline for the project.

3. Wireframe and sitemap design: Once we know the scope, we can proceed to defining pages and design elements, as well as an overall sitemap to help keep everything interconnected.

4. Content creation: Now that we know what pages our website should have, we can start creating content to fill thee pages with useful and relevant information. We always focus on keyword research and on-page SEO, in order to secure a good visibility in search. For best results, you should strive to create high-quality content, in order to proceed to the next stage of the process.

5. Visual elements: Once we have the site architecture and some information already in place, we can take care of the visual brand identity. Some clients already have this identity defined, but others require work from scratch.

6. Testing: As soon as you have all pages and all layouts in place, it is time to test the website to see how it performs. We browse it manually, but we also use crawlers to detect all errors that may prevent users from having a seamless navigating experience. We fix all errors.

7. Launch: Now it’s time to execute the carefully planned launch! Make sure you plan your timing and your communication strategies as well.

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