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Website Design and Development Phases

web design and developmentHere we will talk about all the different phases of website development and design.

 Phase One – Information Gathering

The primary phase of website development is gathering client information i.e. analyzing clients needs and requirements also known as the “discovery phase”. In this phase, the designer portrays the client’s vision into the paper. It is crucial to identify the concept of the website, its target audience and type of content that your target audience will search for, during the discovery phase.

 Phase Two – Planning

Keeping the end user in mind is extremely important in the process of developing a website. For this reason, we develop the sitemap so that the menus, contents and navigational system are clear and effective.

Phase Three – Designing

During this phase, website designers put their heart and soul into the design process. Communication also plays a major role here. They need to understand what the client expects & sketch it out. From logo design to selecting templates, everything is discovered during this phase.

Phase Four – Development

After designing, there is an implementation phase as well. This is the phase in which your website starts getting implemented. Here, we start integrating all the information that we had gathered in the initial phases. We create the database, logic & actual programming in this phase.

Phase Five – Testing & Delivery

There is a Testing & Discovery Phase after the Development Phase. The testing is done by Quality Assurance, which is also responsible for planning the test cases.

  • Content Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Design Testing

We typically upload the website files to the server after the above testing – in most cases, this also involves installing and configuring WordPress, along with a core set of essential plugins to enhance the site. Now we check the files, and ensure that everything is working properly. It is also official to launch the website, since it can be viewed in public now.

Phase Six – Maintenance

In the maintenance phase, the website is updated on a monthly basis if you have a Managed Web Solutions Contract. Maintenance entails updating the contents and photos of the website. We provide maintenance service for the duration of the contract. All other maintenance is charged based on an hourly fee.