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Why Is Web Design Important

website design companyThe design of your website is one of the most crucial aspects of your entire online marketing presence. In order to build a better website to showcase your business, you will want to understand the various elements of good web design. As you begin to look at redoing your website, you will likely be interested in knowing why web design is so important. How does the design of your website impact your audience and how does it impact your business? Below, we will be going over some of the reasons web design is so important.


1. First Impressions Are Everything

For one, it is going to be the first point of contact with a lot of your prospective customers. When your audience first reaches your website, it will give them a first and everlasting impression of your business. They will ultimately judge your business within the first few seconds of reaching your site. Within these first few seconds, you will want to strive to make the best possible impression on them.

If your website is outdated and unappealing, they are likely going to develop a negative first impression of your business which can keep them from continuing further. They are likely not going to find your website appealing which can deter them from continuing to explore more of it and to visit your business. Thus, you will end up missing out on leads because they immediately hop onto one of your competitor’s websites.

2. It Can Help Improve Your SEO Efforts

A lot of web design elements and practices can end up influencing how you publish your content on your site. This, in turn, can impact how SEO crawlers view and index your site. Because of this, it is one of those things that you simply cannot afford to get wrong. If your on-site SEO strategies and practices are not properly implemented, you will end up fighting an unwinnable battle to achieve high rankings from the very beginning.

Not only is the way your content is published important, but various web design elements can directly impact your SEO efforts. Web design is not something very easily understood if you are not entirely sure how it works and why it works. However, to put it in simple terms, your website needs to be designed to be SEO-friendly.

3. It Reflects On Your Customer Service

Rightly or wrongly, your web design can reflect on the kind of customer service you provide. It will end up giving the visitor a clear idea of how you view and value your audience. Therefore, if you don’t put any effort in the design stages, your audience is going to have that reflect poorly on how well you provide customer service and how much you care about their experience.

Your website can be thought of as a customer service representative for your business. If your website is full of bright colors and it is modern and inviting, your audience is going to be much more comfortable and they will feel much more welcomed. You want your design to give the impression that your business is both welcoming and accommodating to new visitors.

On the other side of the coin, having an outdated and unappealing website can end up making your business appear out of sorts and not up to the current industry standards. Customers don’t want to check out businesses that don’t value them enough to give them the kind of the first impression they are seeking.

Thus, you should think of your website and it’s designed as the digital face for your business. IF someone walked into your brick and mortar location, you would want them to be greeted with a friendly face. Having an updated, modern, and inviting website design is the equivalent to that.

4. Build Trust With Your Audience

Your web design is going to help you build trust with your audience. After all, a web design that is outdated is not one that consumers are going to trust. Consumers will end up viewing your website as untrustworthy because your design is seen as shady.

You should think from a customer’s perspective. If they are about to spend a lot of money with a company, they are going to want to do so with the peace of mind knowing that their order and information is secure. By having an outdated site, you will be giving the impression you don’t care about their data or security. Having a professional-looking site will help you build trust with your audience which can dramatically boost conversions.

5. Your Competition Is Doing It

If you need another reason, it should be your competition. The fact is, your competition is likely already investing heavily in their own professional web design efforts. You don’t want to fall behind the competition by not doing it yourself.

6. Better Consistency

Another reason would be the ability to create a cohesive and consistent brand image. You want your audience to become much more familiar with your brand and the best way to do this is by having consistency with your branding efforts which includes your web design.

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