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How Can I Tell if a Domain Renewal Notice is Real or Fake?

You might occasionally receive a domain registration notice from an unknown company stating that you are the last chance to register your domain. These scams, which include registering your site with Google and other search engines for a fee, should be ignored.

If your domain has already been registered, you don’t need to register it again.

The annual renewal of your domain will suffice to keep it registered. Google will scan and index your site automatically for free. You don’t have to pay anything to get your site on search engines. Listing your website is not about optimizing it for keywords. That’s Search Engine Optimization (totally separate critter).

A small business owner may not be able to distinguish between a real notice from the domain name registration company they are using and a scam. This blog is written to assist clients and any who are unsure about their domain name expiration dates or who they should contact to renew it.

These scammers often use very generic company names to make it seem like they are important and have been around for a long time. They can also look up your contact information and make it appear that they own the domain. This allows them to refer to you via email as if they are familiar with you. They will usually list your address as if you were a customer. However, they have only done a small amount of research and are technically attacking your identity.

These are ways to spot a scam or fake domain name registration notification:

These are not proof of illegitimacy, but they can be used to confirm it.

  • This price is far lower than what you paid previously for your domain name. The average annual cost of domain names without private registration is $10-15 Private registration usually costs around $10 more. If it exceeds $25, it is almost certain that it is a scam. GoDaddy, Register.com Domains.com Domains.com NetworkSolutions, SiteTechSupport  are the major Domain Name Registrars. Do more research if it isn’t you!
  • Do you recognize the company?
    This is a common mistake. They may name their companies in a generic manner in the hope that you will recognize it.
  • The deadline is very close (in 7 days).
  • You have never received notifications from this company or person in the past.
  • The person asking for a check to mail is not requesting any money. Although they may not be trying to get your money, sometimes they are looking for your credit card information. If they ask you to send them checks, it is likely that they will try to take your money. After they have been cashed, checks are irrevocable and cannot be challenged.

Although this may seem redundant, it is vital. In case it’s more difficult for people to grasp and can be applied to their business.

There are two ways to confirm that a Domain Name Registration Notification is real.
These are not proof of legitimacy in themselves.

  • Renewing domain names costs between $10-15. This is the average annual cost for domain names without private registration. Private registration usually costs around $10 more. It is more likely that it will be legal if the total amount is $25.
  • Do you recognize the company? GoDaddy, Register.com Domains.com Domains.com NetworkSolutions, SiteTechSupport (which we… Modern Web Studios) are the major Domain Name Registrars. Do more research if it isn’t you!
  • Automated email notices will be sent to you at 30 days, 15, and 5 days before the expiration date. Every customer is given a phone call or personal email to let them know when it expires. Look for emails that have been sent by the same contact or person before it expires.
  • If you are a legitimate domain name or hosting company, they will ask you to log in to your account to renew it. It doesn’t matter if the email is legitimate. Instead, click the link and go to the domain you use to register your domains. It is best to give us a phone call so we can tell you where and when your domain expires. If you have any questions about the expiration of your domain name, please call.

Here are some steps to take to stop domain scammers.

  1. You should make sure your domain registration is private. Most domain registration companies charge a fee for this service.
  2. You should ensure that you do not list any personal information on your website, such as your home address or phone number. It is natural for businesses with physical locations to need this information. However, it is best to remove that information from websites that don’t have any.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate calling us even if you’re not a current customer. We are happy to help someone avoid being scammed.