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Why hiring a web designer is better than DIY

web design and developmentWe live in an age where “do-it-yourself” is a common phrase. You can learn how to fix your washing machines on YouTube or fix the html code on your company website.

The same principle applies to website design. SquareSpace and Wix make it easy to create your own website.

Website design can be a bit more complicated than you might imagine. It might seem tempting to create a website using one of these platforms, but it is better to hire professionals.


Sites like Squarespace and Wix use the term “fully customizable” to market their products. However, if you’re not a web designer, these websites aren’t fully customizable. It takes time to create custom websites and requires a working knowledge of coding.

Web developers can do things that site builders cannot. They can receive your feedback and create the website you envision. They are skilled in creating photo galleries, header sliders that display images from your product, custom-built blogs, and custom-built websites. While they can customize your website, a site builder will only be able to modify pre-made templates.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is crucial to ensuring your website performs well. Although SEO tools for website builders are great, they don’t really understand SEO optimization. Website designers can help you find the best keywords to use and the right places for each keyword, making your site SEO-friendly in no time.

Digital Marketing: How to Do It

Did you know that your website’s appearance can have a significant impact on sales and ROI? Website designers are experts in digital marketing and can ensure that your website converts and brings you more clients and customers. Site builders don’t know how to tell you if the image of the deck you painted for a client will result in more clients.

Eye for Design

Website builders may tell you they can make your website look professional but they cannot tell you if the header text on each page is inconsistent with the body text.

Website developers understand what good digital design looks and feels like. They are familiar with colors, fonts, layout, and how they work together to promote your brand. This is something that a website designer can’t do. It’s always better to work with a professional creative than using a pre-built template.

Site optimization assistance

Are you aware of the dimensions that your photos must be to avoid Google deleting your website? Are you familiar with the code required to ensure that Square payments work properly? We bet that you don’t unless you’re a web developers, the answer is likely no.

A website designer is worth their weight in silver. They will be able to optimize your website for search engines, customers, and your clients. You can rely on their expertise for the best website performance.