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Can a Google Business Profile Enhance Your Website?

website developmentYou may have Googled a company and looked at the expanded listing of the business that appears, separate from search results. It’s possible that you clicked on the website of the business listed in Google. You may have found the information you were looking for right on Google’s home page.

You may be wondering how many people found your local business via Google. Do they focus on your business listing or are they going straight to your website? Are they going to your website directly? Or both?

Do you really need both a Google Business listing and a website to be successful?

Answers to this question vary depending on whom you ask.  What’s the answer?
Let’s first take a look at the actual functions of each marketing platform and how they are used by consumers.

Google Business Profile

First, let’s do some housekeeping. Google changed the name of its business directory from Google My Business to Google Business Profile in late 2021. The interface and functionality are essentially the exact same. It’s just a matter of renaming. In the future, some GMB features will be retired while others will be expanded under GBP.

GMB and GBP can be used interchangeably for the time being. Google’s Business Directory displays some search results with expanded details, such as business hours and customer reviews. These results are usually displayed on the right side of your screen on desktops; they’re typically at the top on mobile devices.

Google Business Profiles give users a wealth of information about businesses without having to leave Google’s home page. Users can view updated or temporary hours of operation, view photos uploaded to the site by the business. They can also ask questions, read previous answers, check reviews and add their reviews. GBP listings can also include links to a company’s site, directions, and call-to-call buttons.

A well-populated and optimized listing on Google Business Plus can help you rank higher in Google search results.

Local Business Website

It’s safe for you to assume that since you’re reading this on the business website of Emerging Business, you know what a website is. Remember that your website has a much greater purpose than a digital card. Your local business’s website should tell the story of your company through its design and copy.

It’s important that your website includes easy-to-access information about you, including contact details and directions. Your website can be a powerful tool for connecting you with your customer. It provides them with useful information, establishes your expertise in your area, and shows your commitment to customers and community.

What are the differences?

A GBP listing is similar to a website for a business. Are they redundant? Check out some statistics.

What source can consumers trust to provide the most accurate, up-to date information?

  • 56% of consumers want accurate contact details on local business websites.
  • Google My Business profiles (Google Business Profiles) are the most accurate, according to 32% of respondents.

Only 32% of people trust GBP as the most accurate currency for business contact information. The majority — 56%– feel that a company’s website actually is more accurate.

What are your competitors doing?

  • Only 44% small businesses have claimed a Google Business Profile.
  • Fewer than 64% small businesses own a website.

Local businesses underuse both GBP (pounds sterling) and websites.

You have a distinct advantage over the competition by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile.

A website is a must for any small business. More than half have one, so there’s an excellent chance that your competitors do too. Your competitors have the advantage if you do not have a local website.

Bottom Line

Should you choose between GBP and a website or both? Or, do you require both?

You should have both. Your business is unique. It has a different budget, skill set and timeline from the business next door. What worked for them might not work for your business.

If you do it right, both platforms will work together to drive customers into your business. For the best results in terms of customer engagement and ranking on search engines, you should use both GBP and your business website.