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How much content do I need on my website?

digital marketing minneapolisYou probably know the importance of content for your website to be ranked and found by search engines when your customers use common keywords and phrases. While most of the business owners with whom we work understand why they require content on their websites, it is not always easy to describe how much they need.

We get it.

The idea of having to create hundreds of pages of unique content on a website is overwhelming for many business owners.It takes time and effort to write a large amount of content for your website. It can also be intimidating to your website users to see large blocks of text.

Regardless of whether your potential customers cling to your every written word, they still need SOME content–well-written, compelling content–in order to make an educated decision on your product or service. Around 70% of consumers prefer articles and content to ads when learning about a service or product. 60% of consumers won’t buy from brands with poorly written, personalized, or mobile-unfriendly content. Google knows that people prefer to conduct their own research. Google understands users’ desire to read content that is well-written and answers any questions they may have on a particular problem or subject. Content length, quantity, and quality all play a role in search engine rankings.

How much content is needed to be ranked in search engines? We’ll start by examining how much content you need to satisfy your customers (after all they are the ones who pay your bills) and then move on to how much search engines require.

How much content do my customers need?

What is the minimum amount of content that you should have on your website to ensure it remains effective? What is the right question?

How much copy should I use on my website to help my users find the product they are looking for without having them waste time?  

What is your target audience?

You need to know who your audience is to determine if you are creating too little or too many content. There are two main groups of consumers.

Maximizers are those who look for content and options that will help them make better decisions.

Satisfiers are those who make decisions that they feel are adequate, rather than the best decision. They do this to save time.

You can use less content if your audience is predominantly the latter. Maximizers need more content, though, to be convinced that your product or service is the best.

How much content do I need to rank in search engine results?

How much content are search engines looking for?

Ideally, your website should include a landing page for each product or service you provide, along with a blog post and FAQs to answer any questions that your customers may have.

 The average is around 2,400 words per page. This number drops to 1,600 words for more niche industries.  

Why investing in website content is a smart idea

Traditional marketing and advertising campaigns don’t yield the same results as they used to. Consumers today have a wealth of information available to them, easily accessible via their smartphone or laptop. Take a look at these statistics.

  •  Blogs help small businesses grow their lead generation by 126 percent compared to those without.  
  •  After reading customized content, 82 percent of consumers feel better about a business  
  •  Outbound marketing costs 62 percent more than content marketing, but generates three-times as many leads.  

Content that provides real value to your prospects is the future of marketing. Create content that will help them make better choices and establish your company as THE authority.If you do it correctly, your website will appear on the first Google page for relevant keyword searches.

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