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Why Your About Us Page is Important

web design and developmentThe majority of successful businesses realize the importance of a strong online presence in order to take advantage the many opportunities available. Some companies spend time on their homepages to attract potential customers.

However, they may neglect a vital section of their website–the About Us Page. Even the most basic website templates have an About Us section. Are you maximizing the potential of your About Us Page? This page is often almost a last-minute addition. The companies simply throw a generic description on the screen, and then call it a night. This is a waste of an opportunity to make the most out of one of your most important web pages. You can establish a rapport with potential customers on your About Us page. This can be challenging if you are not in person.

Why Do We Need an About Us Page

Visitors to your website will likely spend a few seconds on the home page. But if they are serious about learning more about you and your business, they will likely click over to your About Us section within a couple of clicks. This is the page where you can introduce yourself to potential customers. This precious space on your website can be used to build credibility and trust. Visitors to your website may not be familiar with you unless you’re a well-known, large company. They’ll want to know a bit more about your company before they decide to spend money or their time. Internet shopping can be anonymous, unlike brick-and mortar stores. Potential customers who are about to buy something will want to find out who is behind the curtain. They want to be sure that any transaction they make will go smoothly, and they’ll get the goods or service they ordered. You can reassure them by letting them know you’re a legit company and that you stand behind your promises on the About Us page.

Best Practices

To begin with, ensure that people can easily find your About page. This page is called About Us or something similar for a good reason. You can be creative with “Meet The Team” or our story, but if you go overboard, potential customers may not even recognize they are reading the About Us page.

Display your personality simply.

You can have fun on your About Us page. Your writing should be easy to read. Avoid using too many buzzwords. Avoid using long and confusing descriptions. This will help anyone who visits your About Us page to quickly understand what you do, and what products and services you offer. Use generic, bland text and avoid using legalese. Use rich language and be genuine. Try to tell a good story, if possible.

Use Ws.

When you don’t know where to start, answer the five Ws – who, what and when. Also, why. Show potential clients who you are, your job, the date you began, where you are located, and the reasons you’re best to do the job.

Know Your Customer

You still want to make sure that the content you write is relevant to your target audience, even if you are writing an “about me” page. You should ask yourself:

How can I help?

Tell them how you will solve their problem. Offer benefits and solutions that are easily understood. Don’t just say that you are the best. Give them facts. Mention specific achievements, such as how your company helped another company save X dollars by offering the best solution. Has your company won any industry awards relevant to you? You can also add them to this section, but do not go overboard.

Make the people stare.

Include pictures because customers want to know who they are dealing with. Don’t use any photo. People can tell if it is a generic stock image from a distance. Your pictures should reflect the real world and be of people or places. You can use individual or group photos. A photo of your founder or a picture of your store can add credibility. A pleasant photo can help establish trust, especially since it’s the Internet.

Tell them to come home.

It’s time to create a call-to action. It’s obvious that people who have made it to the About Us page are interested in what you offer. Make it simple for them to move forward. You can ask them to call for more information or add a link so that they can visit your online store and make a sale.

Keep on fine-tuning

Your About Us page, just like the rest your website is not really finished. Try out different things to see what works and what doesn’t. Remember to update your achievements regularly. Add any new contracts or customers that you have won. An updated, fresh About Us page can help spread the word and attract more customers.