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Is It Time To Jump Start Your Business Presence Online?

It’s important for all businesses to have a comprehensive digital marketing plan in place in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This is just as true for small and medium sized local businesses as it is for large multi-national corporations. In fact, it’s probably even more true for the smaller businesses without an almost unlimited marketing budget. If a business can’t be found online, it may not be found at all.

People are no longer finding businesses in the local paper or the yellow pages. They are using search engines, which are being tailored more and more toward local search results, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as online review sites like Yelp.

This means if you want to jump start your business you will need a complete digital marketing plan, specifically designed to attract qualified leads and turn them into customers. After all, does it really matter how many visitors a business drives to its web site, if they buy anything?

First, you’ll want to start with a web site.

A static brochure like web site is not enough anymore. A local business must have a well designed web site that attracts visitors, helps customers and is designed specifically to generate leads and sales.

To produce those leads and sales, the content of the site must provide the visitor with the information they want. It must also do so in a way that drives them to take an action that the business wants.

You can’t afford to write some quick article that took all of five minutes and upload it to the site. The content needs to take the visitor on a specific journey that, when completed, has them eager to take the necessary action.

This could be getting the visitor to call the business or give up their email address in exchange for more information that eventually leads to a sale.

Your business must also track all this information so that you know where visitors, leads and sales are being generated in order to improve the results.

This plan should include search engine optimization (SEO) in order to design a search engine friendly site that will be found on the first page of results for specific keywords related to the business.

For example, if your local business is a Crossfit gym and it appears at the top of Google’s results for the keyword phrase ‘crossfit gym”, you’ll be able to generate high quality leads for your business practically ever day, almost on auto-pilot.

In order to make sure this happens, an ongoing web site and search engine optimization plan must be in place. Once you get on the first page of search results, you’ll want to make sure you stay there.

A well thought out and well executed digital marketing plan may be the difference between a business thriving or going broke. However, there really is no generic plan a business can put in place to ensure great results. Not to mention, business owners are very busy. Most don’t get started with a plan like this because it’s overwhelming and time consuming.

Emerging Business Systems will take the time to learn your business and its industry, as well as the unique challenges presented, to help develop a digital marketing plan that is specific to your business needs. By working with you, Emerging Business Systems can create a personalized plan for the purpose of jump starting your business online.

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