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Website Redesign Benefits

Does your website appears to be a bit dated? Has it recently become sluggish and cumbersome? Do you long to implement that new shopping cart feature that will increase sales?

If you have been asking these or similar questions, it may be time to commission a redesign of your cherished website.

Here are some website redesign benefits.

Increase brand awareness

This is common sense. We are discussing design, functionality, and the user experience most importantly.

Your website is your storefront, your corporate identity, and your online digital presence, so it should look and function as well as possible.

Your website must accurately and consistently represent your brand across all channels. It typically dictates the aesthetic of your other channels, so if you get this right, the rest should fall into place.

Consumer trust is directly correlated to brand perception. If you have a clean, professional website that offers a concise user journey with clear messaging and calls-to-action, your visitors will not only have a better experience, but they will also respect and trust your brand more.

Enhance user experience

Visitors visit your site to find the answer to a question. Where can I purchase the most recent Converse All Star Ox in Sunset Red? is an explanation video? Alternatively, what is the connection between exercise and angiogenesis in racehorses? If your visitors cannot easily find the answer to their question, they will leave and you will lose the sale, client, or future grant.

Enhancing the User Experience decreases bounce rates and increases customer retention. Improving the UX includes highlighting important content, developing intuitive navigational structures, and providing visitors with clear calls to action.

Boost sales and conversion rates

A website redesign also affords you the chance to review and optimize your sales funnels in accordance with your digital marketing strategy. This will be a component of your UX redesign and will highlight areas where customers may be leaving, such as overly complicated forms, excessive clicks, and convoluted checkout procedures. You should see an increase in sales and conversions if you take the opportunity to address these issues.

 During a redesign, you should also refocus your website on new products and services.

Improve SEO & site performance

You can have the most beautiful and interactive website in the world, but if it is not optimized for search engines and people cannot find it, then all of your hard work is for naught.

 Search Engine Optimization is a continuous and ever-evolving process that requires constant attention and incremental steps, but your SEO efforts may be neglected in favor of more pressing business objectives.

Therefore, a redesign is an excellent opportunity to address any SEO deficiencies and bring your website up to date with the most recent SEO best practices.

Currently, this involves ensuring that your website is clean and quick; compressing your images, reducing HTTP calls (CSS and JavaScript references), minimizing render-blocking scripts, caching, and more.

The words, images, and other media on a webpage are what a search engine will read and index, so speed is not the only factor that matters. The more frequently you produce well-written, original, and informative content, the more likely it is that you will see positive results and a rise in your page positions on search engine results pages.

Enhance functionality and content administration

Redesigning your website affords you the chance to assess its current functionality, both for visitors and for the business (front-end/back-end), with the goal of making everyone’s lives easier. Changes in technology and fashion necessitate the provision of pertinent features to your site’s visitors.

For instance, your current e-commerce website may require all customers to create an account or login prior to making a purchase. However, adjusting this functionality to allow guest purchases may increase sales by facilitating a much quicker checkout process.

Alternately, you may be required to export your orders manually and import them into your financial software for reconciliation – perhaps not a difficult task, but one that requires 15 minutes per day. By improving the functionality and directly integrating your in-house finance platform with your website, this data can automatically synchronize, saving you 15 minutes per day; 75 minutes per week; 65 hours per year (not excluding holidays).

What would you do if you had an extra 65 hours?

Control over content is essential for a business because it reduces the need for a developer to be available for daily updates and support. This decreases your monthly operating expenses and increases your flexibility and lead time for important updates such as blog posts and the creation of campaign pages. Therefore, if you need to make regular updates or create new pages (which you should for SEO purposes), you will need a solid and dependable Content Management System such as WordPress.

If your current content management system is difficult to use, it may be time to consider alternatives; this is unquestionably one of our recommended website redesign benefits.

Better Safety

In a sense, proper security is a corollary to SEO, given that Google favors websites employing HTTPS with secure SSL Certification. However, it is more important to ensure that your site encrypts any data it processes, especially if it handles payment information.

Customers want to know that when they make a purchase on your e-commerce website, their credit card information is not being transmitted over an unsecured connection and made publicly accessible.

The focus then shifts to brand perception and trust.

Your current site may also be built on an open-source platform that receives regular updates to both its core codebase and plugins – WordPress comes to mind first. If you do not keep the core up-to-date with regular updates as they become available, your website’s vulnerability to malicious attack increases.

Ensure that your new website is secure and up-to-date for more than just security, but also for SEO and brand perception.

The takeaway

As you can see, the advantages of redesigning a website extend far beyond aesthetic updates and making it more visually appealing. Focus on the aforementioned key areas with a synergistic approach, and the overall effect will be a fundamental business boost.