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When Does a Website Become Obsolete?

digital marketing minneapolisOne of the most common errors made by businesses is delaying the redesign of their website until something adversely affects their business, at which point they abandon their site maintenance.

It’s normal for a business website to go months without being updated, whereas a brick-and-mortar retailer will clean their store every day they come to work.

Your website should be mobile-friendly.

Checking if a website is mobile-friendly is one of the simplest ways to determine if it’s out of date. This involves evaluating the site’s display and functionality on tablet and smartphone screens.

Currently, mobile-friendly websites receive between 50 and 70% of their traffic from mobile devices. Therefore, if your website does not employ a mobile-responsive design, it could end up costing you a substantial amount of potential web traffic and, consequently, good business, as it will also frustrate your customers.

Does Your Website Require Maintenance?

Managing your website requires frequent page inspections. This is not a “set and forget” endeavor. As you would with a physical storefront, periodic maintenance checks are required to ensure that the website continues to function properly.

This will help you provide a satisfying customer journey for your customers. In the worst cases, a poorly maintained website will result in a site that loads extremely slowly or not at all.

Occasionally, these issues are caused by poor hard-coding in certain customized features or functionalities, or by outdated plugins. It could even be large images in a blog, but these issues are typically server-related, so you will need to contact your web hosting service provider.

What Is the Security Level of Your Website?

Evaluation of a website’s security will undoubtedly impact its overall performance. Sadly, this is yet another area of expertise that requires a skilled web developer.

Even if your website is performing well, it is prudent to conduct security audits several times per year. You must ensure that your website’s security systems are current. You must also confirm that your website is backed up, how frequently it is backed up, and that the server hosting your website is secure.

Your website is your online workplace. The smallest amount of security can cost your small business a great deal of money.

Is Your Website Working Correctly?

How often do we find a business owner with a website in denial about whether or not one of their most valuable assets is effectively serving their business needs and objectives?

Usually, the answer is complex because there is a great deal of room for “potential.” This evaluation necessitates the knowledge of a search engine optimization-savvy internet marketing expert (SEO).

Is the design of your website consistent with current trends?

It may come as a surprise, but this is not the last concern on our list by accident, and here’s why.

Firstly, if your website is not so dated and you began this list with updating the website’s aesthetics as the first point, you may not have made it to number five before realizing that your website requires urgent maintenance or a complete redesign.

Regarding websites, design should follow function. In light of the recent emphasis on mobile technologies, an effective website must be optimized for smaller displays. The characteristics of contemporary good design are navigability, clarity, and simplicity.

To evaluate the functionality, long-term dependability, and security of a particular theme, a web developer would have to perform a significant amount of work.

Therefore, you must first consider these five factors. You may discover that what is preventing you from advancing in the digital space has more to do with how your website functions than with how it appears.