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Rebranding Your Logo

Is it been a while since you developed your logo, variations, and brand colors, and you want to give your customers something new without having to start over? Any brand, like any person, may benefit from a makeover. the day has arrived, and there’s no better time than now to freshen your color palette!

To begin with, your company’s logo should be legible in black and white. A robust design foundation is required before you begin adding or altering colors. However, because you’ve probably already decided on brand colors, you should be able to move on to the next phase with simplicity.

Choosing the appropriate colors or introducing a new one

Don’t worry if you already have collateral that matches your existing brand colors. You can always gradually phase out outdated brand materials and implement color rebranding with a promotion or a milestone anniversary celebration.

I would not recommend changing the colors totally or at all if you only want to boost your brand and not completely change the appearance and feel. You might be able to experiment with different accent colors to give your brand a new look.

Adobe Color is one way to see what might work for your company’s brand update. This website allows users to experiment with, create, and save several color schemes, each of which consists of a set of five colors.

Adobe Color offers a variety of options for selecting new or updated colors. Color harmony can be changed to similar, monochromatic, triad, complimentary, compound, shades, or custom, for example (by uploading a photo).

Adobe Color can not only assist you in communicating your new color codes (HEX and RGB) to your designer or print shop, but it can also assist you in visualizing your brand in various lighting and tones. This makes it easy to discover colors for many items, even if those colors must be consistent with the main brand.

When it comes to picking a new hue or accent color, the possibilities are unlimited, but don’t get too carried away! Before you go too far with changing your brand colors, you should give it some thought.

Color psychology is the study of the psychology of color.

Each color elicits a different response in the human mind. If it doesn’t already, your brand should address this. The chosen brand colors should re-emphasize and validate the desired emotional response. Many businesses have already adapted their logos and designs to reflect this attitude, as shown in the figure below.

Strokes at the End

Overall, changing or adding a color to an established logo or brand can generate new enthusiasm and position your firm for a promotional and/or celebration occasion. It’s also a simple way to keep things fresh as the year progresses! Plus, generating some buzz or PR around a campaign to introduce something new may be a fun way to re-engage your clients and attract new business.